Why is Hawaii the best place to grow basil

Basil a hardy herb that many gardeners consider to be pretty easy to grow, but there are definitely conditions that are more favorable for basil and therefore locations that are much better to grow basil in than others. Basil requires lots of heavy sunlight and adequately moist soil with a largely neutral pH balance. While you can maintain these conditions at certain times of the year in a wide variety of locations, it’s hard to argue that Hawaii is one of the best places to grow basil due to the fact that it naturally provides both of these things year-round.

What do you need to grow basil?

As we’ve said, basil predominantly requires a strong amount of sunlight during the day, moist but not overly moist soil with a mostly neutral pH balance, and possibly a little bit of shade in the evening just before night. Basil will suffer without sunlight without the perfect amount of moisture. Basil needs to have over 5 hours of strong sunlight per day, and preferably something a little closer to 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. Without the proper amount of sunlight, basil plants will not be able to produce the needed amount of chlorophyll and will lose their green color and eventually die. 

Basil also needs a lot of moisture, but not too much moisture, otherwise, it will get root rot. The perfect balance of moist soil is required to keep basil plants from wilting and getting sick. As well, if the soil you are growing basil plants in has a pH balance that is either too acidic or too alkaline, the basil plant will suffer in its ability to procure nutrients from the soil. This will, again, result in the untimely death of an otherwise beautiful basil plant.

Why Hawaii is the best place to grow basil

A Hawaii basil farm will, totally naturally, have all of these conditions met year-round. This, of course, makes Hawaii the perfect location to grow basil. Basil grown in Hawaii will be hearty, healthy, and strong, with an exuberant flavor, a beautiful color, and the perfect texture. Hawaii is a naturally sunny location that gets more than ample sunlight year-round. There is no need for expensive equipment and anxiously moving basil plants around desperately trying to find a little bit of sun. 

Hawaii also has the perfect humidity level that will provide just the right amount of moisture to the soil, making it so that basil plants get the ideal amount of water to be at full-health year-round. As well, the soil in Hawaii has the perfect pH balance that usually averages just at the neutral level, never too acidic and never too alkaline. This means that basil plants grown in Hawaii are naturally able to procure the best nutrition possible from the soil without the need for unnatural and possibly hard-to-maintain supplementation resulting in basil plants of disparaging and inconsistent quality.

Get your basil from a Hawaii basil farm

By getting your basil from a Hawaii basil farm, you can be sure that your basil is the highest-quality basil you can procure. The basil you get will be consistently high-grade and will add the maximum basil flavor to your food dishes.