Fresh Basil Wholesale Supply in Hawaii

Basil Wholesale Pricing

At Golden Basil, we strive to offer the best wholesale pricing for all clients looking to procure our great, fresh, high-quality Hawaii basil. Wholesale pricing will be determined by a variety of factors, including volume, so the price can differ by order. If you are interested in placing an order and starting a business relationship, the first step will be to contact our offices for a quick screening and quote.

Wholesale Order Requirements

All orders that are placed must exceed 100lb, and scheduling a routine weekly order for any business of over 1000lbs will lead to a discounted price for the customer. This is perfect for those clients who are in routine need of a basil bulk order. Scheduled routine orders will guarantee that you always have a steady supply of our great Hawaii basil. Also, should the client take charge and both arrange and pay for logistics, that will lead to a discounted price that can be discussed in the screening and quoting phase of the order. We are grateful for any consistent business and strive to maintain strong relationships with steady clients.

The Steps We Employ For Each Client

1. Screening & Quoting

This is the first step in each of our projects, and it’s where we hold a meeting with the project owner at the site. During this meeting, we go over what the job entails, offer consultation, provide recommendations, and answer any of your questions or concerns.

2. Making Payment

After the consultation, we’ll then give you a free quote. This quote will cover everything we discussed during the first step, and you’re free to choose items that suit your tastes and preferences.

3. Fast Shipping

Your feedback is crucial after we’ve completed the project. If you feel something isn’t right, then we offer touchups to make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

Guaranteed Fast Shipping

We at Golden Basil take pride in our status as a respected and trusted basil wholesale supplier and that is why we use air freight delivery to ensure the fastest and freshest delivery to all of our clients across the USA. Delivery will be made to most USA cities in one day. When an order is placed and payment has been either made in full or properly arranged for longterm clients, the order will be shipped out the very next day. We understand the value of ensuring the fastest delivery possible so as to maintain the freshness and quality of our product for all of our clients.