Why are we the best fresh harvest basil wholesaler

We are the best Hawaii basil farm

At Golden Basil, we pride ourselves on being the best basil farm offering the largest amount of fresh harvest basil to clients all over the USA. This is due not only to our prime Hawaii location, offering the perfect environment for sustainable and healthy basil growth, but also our unmatched know-how and expertise, having specialized in basil for many years. 

We are the best Hawaii basil farm not only in terms of our incredibly high-quality product but also our infrastructure, high output, and easy and friendly customer support. If you and your business are in need of the best high-quality fresh harvest basil, you can do no better than to start ordering from Golden Basil today. We specialize in Sweet Basil and Thai Basil, and the product you get from us will be of the highest quality and the richest taste, guaranteed to add the perfect spice to any premium dish. 

We are currently serving the best gourmet restaurants in several major cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, and many more. Our basil is the best basil you can get, and your customers will notice when you switch over to Golden Basil for your basil needs.

What makes Gold basil the best basil farm?

We have over 50 acres of well-established farmland featuring maximum sunlight, evenly moist and rich soil with the perfect pH balance for basil growth, and experienced and skilled crew that knows how to care for and maintain the best basil. We use high-quality fertilizers and organic means as much as possible to eliminate weeds. 

Our basil plants are perfectly maintained to be both the perfect taste and the perfect shape. Leaves are evenly trimmed and maintained to provide the best growth and the best flavor by our expert team daily. When you order our premium basil, you will not be getting any sickly, unsightly leaves with dark spots and decay. You will be getting only perfect basil leaves with the optimum flavor and taste for your high-quality gourmet restaurant. 

The best infrastructure means the best service at the best price

After our basil is perfectly grown and optimally picked by our prime cultivation team, we use high-end means to transport the basil to our facilities without the need for any harmful chemicals and preservatives. Our basil is kept on ice in containers covered with water so it can maintain ultimate freshness all the way to our customers. 

Our market continues to grow and expand every day, and so does our operation. As we grow, so too does our desire to continue providing the best basil available to clients all around the USA. Our large operation means the smallest overhead possible for our customer base, meaning that not only are you getting the best basil available, but you are getting it at a competitive price. There is no reason for you to continue procuring mixed-quality basil when you can be getting the highest quality basil from Golden Basil without affecting your profits. Utilize the best basil farm in Hawaii for your basil needs and your business and your customers will thank you profusely.